» The New Vinegar of Tunisia owner of the mark "Francis Crespo" comes from the oldest vinegar of France bagnière of bigorre. Located in the southwest for several generations the family held by Crespo in France and dates from 1891.

    The high quality of our products is linked to the various stages of processing raw materials.

    Our factory is equipped with cutting edge equipment to meet manufacturing standards and health, combining the efficiency and know-how. Thus, everything is made to ensure the best products Fr.Crespo on the market. Produced by a "know how" modernized traditional, you can find all the flavors of craft products of the highest quality.

    Crespo offers a wide variety of vinegars, salad dressing, tapenade, aioli sauce, Mediterranean products, delicately scented giving your dishes a taste natural and authentic, and the range will be enlarged by new products including: salad Mechouia, soft and Harissa spicy, tomato sauce, vinegar toilet...